The American Standard Evolution 5-Feet by 32-Inch Deep-Soak Bathtub Review

After a long day of work, you deserve to come home and relax in the tub. If you have an older tub, or do not have one at all, it may be time for you to purchase one. There are plenty available which will allow you to relax your body and give you the thorough clean that you desire.

Today we are going to review a specific tub that comes recommended directly from Amazon, to see if it is worth buying.

The main review

There are so many bathtubs on the market right now that it can be tricky to determine which one to purchase and which to stay away from. This is the reason for this review today: to shed light on a product that is well known to help you with your final purchase decision.

The bathtub up for review is the American Standard Evolution 5-Feet by 32-Inch Deep-Soak Bathtub. This deep-soak tub allows 3” more water than a normal bathtub.

This allows you to be almost fully submerged while in the tub. This is an affordably priced tub with a lot of features. So how does it hold up? Is it worth buying?


The American Standard Evolution 5-Feet by 32-Inch Deep-Soak Bathtub is equipped with a lot of features to enhance your bathing experience. First of all, it has been made with acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass. This ensures longevity and durability of the bathtub itself.

It also makes the bathtub a lot lighter than buying one made out of cast iron or enameled steel. In order to maximize your comfort, there are two armrests that have been molded into the tub.

This is useful if you need help getting in and out of the tub. It also ensures that you have somewhere to hold onto in case you feel yourself slipping.

For even more features, this product comes with an apron that also has a removable access panel. It has a three-sided tile/water retention flange, so you can rest assured you are not wasting a lot of water. In order to use this tub to the maximum, it is integral that you order a deep-soak max drain, to easily get rid of all the water.

Another reason this tub is so acclaimed is because of the brand; American Standard ensures that you are getting the highest performance from your tub, ensuring there are no leaks, and saving you water. This is a solid product you can depend on.

This deep soak bath tub measures 5’ by 32”, and the drain you have to buy separately from the initial purchase.


  • Deep-soak tub
  • Easy to get in and out
  • Comes with arm rests
  • Saves you water
  • Lightweight on installation
  • Very comfortable


  • A bit shorter than expected
  • Back rest compromises tub length

Final verdict

Before you begin looking for a tub to purchase, you must determine what it is you are looking for. Do you want one with water jets? How tall are you? Are you going to be able to fit in the one you are looking at?

The more questions you can answer about your needs and the location it will be installed, the easier it is going to be for you to find a tub that works best for you.

That being said, we really do admire the American Standard Evolution 5-Feet by 32-Inch Deep-Soak Bathtub. This is a really amazing tub that is extremely comfortable. We really enjoyed the two arm rests, as they not only increase comfort level, but are also helpful for getting both in and out of the tub.

The main downside to this tub is that they have sacrificed room for additional features. While the backrest is fancy and comfortable, because of its depth, it has cut off the tub a little bit. If you are taller, this may not be the right tub for you.

With all of that aside, we think the American Standard Evolution 5-Feet by 32-Inch Deep-Soak Bathtub is very comfortable and is a great brand to consider buying. We wish you the best in your final purchase decision!