Do bathtubs have a standard size? Bathtub Sizes and Types

So, you are looking for a new bathtub; do you know what size you want? With so many different types of bathtubs, one of the most common questions we get asked concerns bathtub sizes. “Is it going to fit my bathroom?” “Is there one small enough for this space?”

In order to help you find one, we have created a list of the standard sizes of all types of bathtubs on today’s market.

Various types of tubs and bathtub sizes

When you are looking to purchase a new tub, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. It is essential that you take the time to measure the size of the area you are looking to fill.

We have seen too many people come into the store and when asked this simple question, they do not have any idea. It is also valid to know that it is equipped with a water source, obviously.

In order to make your life a whole lot easier, we also recommend that you take the time and write a list of everything you are looking for.

Do you want a tub that can fit more than one person at a time? Would you rather have a tub that is equipped with jets to provide a relaxing experience?

The more thought you can put into all of this ahead of time, the better off you are going to be in deciding on a model and size to purchase.

There are numerous styles of bathtubs that all come with a variety of features. We are going to walk you through all of the main types so you can see which one you are gravitating toward. We hope it helps you get closer to making a final purchase.

An alcove bathtub

This is one of the most common types of bathtubs, as it is located in a space surrounded by three walls. This will be found in a narrow bathroom, and the typical way you install the bathtub is in width-wise.

This makes the two long walls in the room form the ends of the bathtub, and the back wall will be the side. It is essential for the alcove bathtub to fit close against the walls. If you have a larger bathroom, this can be harder to do, as you would have to get a giant tub.

For these, they are mostly 4.5’ to 6’ long and 15” to 20” wide). We recommend that you use the 4.5’ one for mini-sized areas. If you have a really small bathroom, the best option is to just get a shower instead, but if you are set on getting a bathtub, this is the one for you. One that is 5’long is also the average length, and once you hit 6’,you’re in the arena of luxurious and expensive bathtubs.

Oval bathtubs

Oval bathtubs also come indifferent sizes. For the most part, they are 60” long and 41” wide. Usually they are a drop-in style or stand alone. They may look bigger on the outside, but in reality, they are wider and not longer. The height is usually 24”.

Whirlpool tubs

These are the tubs that are going to provide the most relaxing experience. They are generally 60” long and 32” wide. They also come in 5’ alcove sizes, and because they are housed in a thin acrylic shell, it feels like there is more room.

Corner bathtubs

A corner bathtub measures roughly 60” long and 60” wide. To place them, think of them as a great square-shaped bathtub, rather than being triangular. This is the one you are going to want to put in a nice master bathroom, and they are known to be perfect loungers.


As you can see from the list above, there are no real “standard” bathtub sizes, as it all depends what type you want from the beginning.

As we mentioned before, once you have your sights set on the type you want, ensure that it fits in the space you have on hand. It is so much easier to buy a tub to fit a room, than to build a room to fit a tub!