Woodbridge 67” Modern Bathroom Glossy White Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Review

In buying any product, you need to arm yourself with the facts about your potential purchase and its manufacturer. You also need to be sure about what you want and need, and how it will affect your home (if it is a household item). In short, you need to look into and weigh a lot of factors.

In this review, we are going to discuss the Woodbridge 67” Modern Bathroom Glossy White Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub.

If good reputation and the number of features and advantages are what you want, this item may be a good choice for you. Take a look at what this Woodbridge bathtub offers.


  • Freestanding soak type of tub
  • Double walled tub
  • Modern design
  • It can hold 60 gallons of water
  • It comes with hidden adjustable legs.
  • It uses fiberglass and acrylic topcoat
  • It has tube drain that is flexible
  • It provides the option of buying a separate matching faucet.
  • It comes with an overflow and a push pop-up drain
  • It has earned UPC and CSA certifications.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable legs for good leveling.
  • Easily installed thanks to its flexible tube drain that is of high quality
  • It provides comfort to users given its large amount of space
  • Comes in a glossy and white acrylic construction, which makes it physically attractive
  • Its glossy finish is resistant to dulling, fading, and scratches.
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • The option to buy a matching faucet provides convenience
  • Its gentle slope makes soaking more enjoyable and comfortable
  • It comes with smooth curves
  • It has the capacity to provide enough warmth and maximum insulation due to its double-walled design
  • It works fine and is a high-quality product
  • Its UPC and CSA certifications make it a reputable brand.
  • Woodbridge has been in the business since 2005, which makes it a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer


As of writing, the product does not have any known downsides.


Indeed, the Woodbridge 67” Modern Bathroom Glossy White Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub comes from a reputable brand, provided its long years of operation.

It is reasonably price, good quality, and flexibility. It provides comfort and convenience to both men and women users; thanks to its numerous features.

Also, it has no known downsides, which may be a good indication that this product is worth spending money on.


With all the details discussed above, it may be safe to say that this Woodbridge bathtub is a good buy. It offers different perks that could satisfy the various needs of its potential users.

You can rely on it as well, considering the manufacturer’s length in the industry. Just make sure it fits your personal needs and the area where you want to install it before deciding to purchase it.

As for the downsides, it pays to do more research about the product and prepare for possible problems. Just like any other product, this item may also have some disadvantages that may not have occurred, so read online reviews from those who have purchased and have personal experience with this bathtub model.

What are the common materials used in bathtubs?

Different materials play a big part in defining a type of bathtub. They affect a tub’s overall look, weight, and other capacities as well. Below are some common bathtub materials that you may want to check out:


Acrylic is among the most popular types of bathtub materials. It is made from vacuum-formed acrylic sheets reinforced with fiberglass.

Acrylic tubs are affordable, lightweight, easy to install, and durable. They also come in numerous colors, sizes, and shapes. Acrylic, however, is prone to scratches. But it’s a good thing that its surface is repairable.


Just like acrylic, fiberglass is affordable. It uses polyester resin and layers of surface coating with fiberglass reinforcement. It is easy to install, lightweight, and easy to clean and maintain.

It is best for customers who want a shower and tub combination. As for its downsides, fiberglass is not that durable compared to other materials. Its finish likewise tends to fade. Its surface is also prone to scratches but is repairable.

Porcelain enameled steel

This is among the most common and inexpensive bathtub materials. It is made of steel sheeting and coated with porcelain enamel. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and affordable. However, take note that this material is prone to rust, and tends to lose heat a bit fast.

Enameled cast iron

Enameled cast iron is a heavy and durable tub material. It uses molded iron coated with enamel. It is one of the best available options if you want to go for something that will truly last. The lone disadvantage of enameled cast iron is the difficulty of installation due to its heavy weight.