Best Tub Shower Combo in 2022 – Top 4 Shower Bath Combination

A tub and shower combo kit is a perfect solution for small bathrooms to have the ultimate functionality for families who need both a shower and bathtub. These kits are made to save room with their compact size while still giving you the option to use both a shower and tub.

In this guide, we review four of the best tub shower combo kits that each offer different benefits and can meet a variety of budgets. Along with their essential features, we’ll also discuss how they differ from one another so that you can find the best that has what you need and want in your bathroom.

List of the Best Shower Bath Combinations

Product Summary for Best Tub Shower Combo Reviews

The MAAX 101604-000-129 Bathtub Wall Kit has several built-in shelves that may be helpful for large families who share a bathroom and have a lot of toiletries to store.

The 5-panel Swanstone TI-5-010 Veritek Five Panel Tub Wall Kit has a tiled backsplash for some design appeal, but it also has basic functionality with its built-in shelving.

Swanstone RM-58-010 High Gloss Tub Wall Kit is a compact kit that should fit even the smallest bathrooms without making it feel cramped, and you can also install it over existing tile to keep your project as simple as possible.

ASB Vantage Tub Wall is a 5-piece kit that is possibly the most functional unit of this group, offering several places to store bathtub items with shelving and towel holders built in.

Reviews of the Best Tub Shower Combo

Here, we look at our four top choices for the best tub shower combo based on their quality, functionality, and customer satisfaction.

MAAX 101604-000-129 Bathtub Wall Kit

MAAX’s bathtub wall kit has one of the lowest costs on our list, so it may be an excellent option for people on a strict budget who also want to make sure they’re getting a surround that’s easy to install and will provide some helpful storage options.

This kit has six shelves near the corners at different heights, so they can accommodate even the smallest members of the family. They’re spacious enough to hold anything from soap bars to large shampoo bottles.

One area in which this surround kit stands out is its finished look. The textured finish provides a bit more upscale look to the bathroom over plain surrounds, and several people who’ve purchased it agree that, for its price point, it gives an excellent, quick bathroom makeover.

The kit is made from a thin composite material, so it can feel flimsy when installing and may not provide the durable stiffness some want in a surround. However, the material is incredibly easy to cut and drill into, which can help make installation straightforward.

Things We Liked

  • Textured finish for an interesting look in the bathroom
  • Low price point
  • Very easy to cut and drill
  • Six shelves for a lot of functionality

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not scratch-resistant
  • Thin material may not hold up as well as others

Swanstone TI-5-010 Veritek Five Panel Tub Wall Kit

The Swanstone TI-5-010 Veritek kit has a mid-range price tag that can give your bathroom basic functionality with a somewhat upscale design to provide the room with some more appeal over standard surround kits. With the tiled backsplash, this surround offers a unique design, yet keeps it simple to clean the grout-less look.

This surround doesn’t offer as much shelving as others on the list, but it does have three shelves on three different walls, which gives you some good options to store toiletries. The smaller side shelves can store soap bars and small bottles while the longer middle shelf is helpful for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash storage.

This Swanstone kit comes in five pieces, so it can be a good option for getting through tight spaces. Some customers do admit that, even with five separate panels, the combo kit was difficult to install due to confusing, lengthy instructions.

Other customers are pleased with the final look and sturdiness of this surround, which is made from a mixture of acrylic, plastic, and polyester.

Things We Liked

  • Tiled background has an appealing design
  • Treated surface prevents mold and mildew
  • Easy to clean
  • Storage options on three walls

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Only three small shelving areas
  • Somewhat high price tag for basic functionality
  • Confusing instructions

Link to product: Swanstone TI-5-010 Veritek Five Panel Tub Wall Kit

Swanstone RM-58-010 High Gloss Tub Wall Kit

The Swanstone RM-58-010 High Gloss Tub Wall Kit has a slightly lower price than the other Swanstone model and can be a good option for people who want a basic kit that can fit in small spaces. This kit is designed for bathtub areas that are 60 inches or shorter in length, so it will work for most standard tub areas.

This tub and shower combo unfortunately has only one small soap dish for storage, so you’ll need to rely on the bathtub’s corners or extra storage units to store some toiletries. However, the basic functionality of this surround might be balanced by its lower price point and ease of installation.

One benefit of this surround is that you can install it over existing ceramic tiles, which can significantly decrease the amount of work for your full project. And, since it comes in three panels, you get a good balance of portability, maneuverability, and durability in your finished installation.

Although some customers agree that the finish of this kit is plain, several also state that the surround feels durable and seems to hold up well for their needs.

Things We Liked

  • Can fit most standard tub spaces
  • Three panels for both easy portability and durability
  • No-caulk corners for simple cleaning
  • Easy to cut and drill

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t offer much for storage
  • Plain finish

Link to product: Swanstone RM-58-010 High Gloss Tub Wall Kit

ASB Vantage Tub Wall

The ASB Vantage Tub Wall sits at the lowest price on our list. Interestingly, even though it’s the most budget-friendly, it also has the best storage options to make your tub and shower area as functional as possible.

With this kit, you’ll get six molded shelving units with two towel bars to hold just about anything your family needs for a shower or bath. The shelving areas are different sizes, too, to accommodate various bottle sizes.

Where this kit lacks is in its strength. Its polystyrene material makes it lightweight and easy to transport, but it’s also very thin and fragile, which can be a disadvantage during installation.

Some customers have said that, once they installed the kit, they were pleased with the finished look and how much storage it provides for the price.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight kit
  • Five pieces for portability
  • Excellent shelving setup
  • Overlapping corners to prevent water leaks
  • Easy-to-cut panels

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Fragile panels may not offer desired sturdiness
  • Installation can be tricky because pieces are delicate

Link to product: ASB Vantage Tub Wall

How to Buy Your Next Bathtub and Shower Surround

Tub and shower combos come in many styles and with a lot of different features to match both the functionality needs and design preferences of your family. This guide explains some of the crucial elements to consider before you make your purchase.

  1. Work Within Your Budget

Bathtub surrounds can meet a variety of budgets. While some cost as little as about $60, others can move up into the $1,000 range. There are a lot of reasons for the broad range in price, but what it mostly boils down to is quality.

You shouldn’t expect to get the same quality in a $60 kit as you would a $1,000 kit. However, your budget is just as important to stick to as finding a quality kit that will last as long as possible.

Balance is key here. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can typically find a quality tub and shower surround kit that will give you the basics you need while still meeting your expectations for a long-lasting surround.

Consider any features that might be nice to have but aren’t necessary. Scratch them off your list and make sure you’re only paying for things you consider essential in your surround.

  1. Consider the Materials

One of the things that can boost the price of your surround is its material. The following are standard materials that make up tub and shower combo kits and how they differ in quality and price:


Acrylic surfaces tend to be the cheapest. They’re usually the ones you’ll find for about $60 to $200 because they’re not quite as thick and sturdy as other surrounds.

The benefit of acrylic kits is that they’re usually easy to move during installation and they’re also relatively easy to drill into or cut if needed.


Polystyrene is a durable plastic that’s on par with acrylic. These kits tend to fall in the $100 to $200 range and can feel a bit stiffer than acrylic kits.

High-impact polystyrene is a standard material on many modern surrounds that helps lower costs but still allows the kit to stand up to wear and tear.


Fiberglass kits fall in the middle of the pack in price, averaging between $400 and $500. They’re typically stronger than acrylic, so they may last longer than acrylic.

You’ll likely notice that this material is stiffer than acrylic, so you might be able to hold more on the surround’s shelving units. Fiberglass is usually more scratch-resistant than acrylic too.

Premium Composites

Premium composites are at the max end of the budget, heading into the $1,000 range. However, if you can afford that price point, these surrounds can give you the most quality for your money.

These kits tend to have the longest lifespan because of how stiff they are, and they can also resist scratches the best. On the downside, they’re difficult to install and cut to fit your space.

  1. How Many Pieces?

You’ll see that tub and shower kits come in pieces, usually from one to six panels. One panel means that the kit is made as one piece, while other numbers indicate how many panels are separate and will need to be fused with caulk.

The number of pieces affects the price too. Those with more pieces are typically lower in price because they tend not to be as durable as a full-piece surround.

However, the more panels there are, the easier the kit usually is to install because the smaller pieces are easier to fit through doorways and maneuver in the bathroom.

  1. Consult a Professional

Installing shower and tub combo kits aren’t easy, so it helps to have some experience with previous installations and plumbing. If you don’t, it might be wise to consult with a professional to get some help to ensure that your purchase is sealed correctly and will last as long as possible.

You may also want to have a professional help you pick the right kit for your bathroom if you’re unsure of how to take the measurements you need for proper installation.

Conclusion: Best Tub Shower Combo

The tub and shower combo kits we reviewed in this guide offer very different features and price points, but we believe that the MAAX 101604-000-129 Bathtub Wall Kit can offer most families the right balance of budget-friendliness and functionality.

With its six built-in shelves, you’ll get plenty of storage options without sending the price tag soaring. It also has one of the most straightforward installations, and customers state that it’s easy to drill or cut when necessary.

Although this kit may not last quite as long as higher-priced options, it can be an excellent solution for people who need a budget-friendly update quickly.

Whether you choose the MAAX or a different kit, we hope that this guide leads you to find the best tub shower combo for your bathroom based on your family’s needs and design preferences.