6 Best Shower Head Brands

A shower should be more than simply a way to stay clean. Instead, a shower should be a relaxing experience for both your body and your mind.

The key to a great shower is a great shower head. You want the perfect combination of adjustability, water pressure and spray area.

One of the best ways to search for a shower head is to start by learning about shower head brands. By finding a quality brand you can trust, you can then search through their product line for a shower head with the features you want.

Here’s a complete list of the best shower head brands:

1. Moen

Founded in 1937 by Al Moen, today Moen is the number one faucet brand in North America. They offer a wide range of fixed, handheld and rain shower heads.

Their rain shower heads are probably their most famous product. Sizes range from seven to 10 inches. Each rain shower head creates a full top-down stream of water which can be very comfortable and calming.

One of their highest rated showers is the Velocity S6320. This eight-inch shower is large enough to provide a wide spray range but still small enough to fit most showers.

Like most of their other rainshowers, the Velocity has adjustable settings. You can have a gentle rain shower or a higher-pressure spray.  

Most of their shower heads are either chrome or bronze. They have a classic, streamlined design which compliments just about any existing color scheme and décor.

Bottom Line:

Moen has a well-established reputation for quality, with their rainshower heads are exceptionally popular.

2. Delta

Delta is another large manufacturer of faucets, tubs, toilets and shower accessories. They pride themselves on simple, innovative design.

Their shower heads are all made from shiny chrome. Handheld, fixed and raincan options are all available.

Delta shower heads have a variety of different styles, from the small and round Victorian to the square Universal raincan.

Delta products emphasize water conservation. They’ve been named by the EPA as a WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year.  Conserving water isn’t just great for the environment but also helps lower your water bill.  

Bottom Line:

Delta uses sleek, efficient design to create a wide variety of handheld, fixed and raincan showerheads.


AKDY wants to add luxury to your existing shower. They offer a variety of shower heads designed with comfort in mind.

Their handheld/fixed shower head offers four different functions. With a single touch you can instantly switch between regular, streamlined, massage or waterfall.

Looking for a bit more than a shower head? Their jet body massager targets your entire body with adjustable streams of water. Perfect for treating muscle soreness.

Both rainfall and handheld heads offer an LED option. Powered by water pressure, the LED light changes from blue to red in relation to the water temperature. Great for preventing unwanted temperature surprises!

Overall, AKDY is dedicated to creating a luxury showering experience similar to what you’ve find in a spa or fancy hotel. These shower heads are primarily centered around comfort.

Bottom Line:

AKDY offers four different spray functions which can be changed with a single touch.

4. ET Industries ThunderHead

ET Industries doesn’t offer a wide range of products. Instead, they sell the ThunderHead, one of the most versatile shower heads available.

The ThunderHead has an extension arm with four self-locking ratchet joints. You can position the head in at least six different positions for multi-angle and multi-height sprays.

The ThunderHead is easy to install and maintain. The shower head doesn’t clog thanks to an easy hard water self-cleaning spray.

This is a great choice for a shower which is used by many different people of varying heights. Also offers a luxury raincan spray as well as a more traditional angled spray.

A Canadian company, ET Industries is relatively small but their ThunderHead shower head has a flexible, easy-to-maintain design which creates a great showering experience.

Bottom Line:

The ThunderHead offers a fully adjustable shower head with over six different spray positions.

5. Hansgrohe

This German company doesn’t make the cheapest shower heads but they are high quality with very unique designs.  

They offer a variety of shower pipes with both handheld and fixed angles. All shower pipes include a built-in thermostat.

The 27474001 shower head is one of Hansgrohe’s most advanced – and most popular – models. This shower head provides a wide spray area thanks to its large 95-inch diameter.

But the most interesting feature of the shower head has to be the AirPower technology. As water passes through the jets, air is mixed in. This results in gentle water droplets against your skin instead of a heavier stream.

Hansgrohe products are made from durable chrome for a clean, polished look suitable for practically any décor. Jets are made from flexible silicone, which means maintenance is extremely minimal. Any limescale deposit is easily wiped off.

Bottom Line:

Hansgrohe’s sophisticated shower heads are designed for full body relaxation and spa-like luxury.

6. Kohler

Based in Wisconsin, Kohler offers standard, handheld, body sprays, rainheads and more. Many of their products use their patented Katalyst air-induction technology for a smooth water stream.

Shower heads have a lot of variety. Finishes available include chrome, nickel, bronze and even French gold. Units are typically also covered in PVD for scratch and corrosion resistance.

Kohler shower heads generally have a sleek, classic design. They feature a lot of white and gray coloring. Overall, the products will fit into both contemporary and modern styles.   

Kohler is interesting because they also sell a variety of plumbing parts associated with showers. If you’re installing your shower head yourself, it can be comforting to know that any related parts you may need are easily available.   

They offer a Product Wizard to automatically help you find any missing parts. Plus, they have both phone and email support.

Bottom Line:

Kohler offers reliable, traditional shower heads with a unique air-induction system.


Upgrading your shower head is the simplest, most effective and easiest way to improve your entire showering experience.

All of the brands listed above offer full lines of dependable shower heads including rain, fixed and handheld. If you’re looking for a truly unique shower head, AKDY and Hansgrohe offer body jets, LED lights, AirPower technology and more.

Flexibility is another important consideration. The ThunderHead is a great choice if you want a shower head you can easily move into many different positions. Perfect for multi-person households.

The right shower head can help energize you in the morning and relax your tired muscles before bed. Any of the shower head brands listed above is a great choice. Step into a whole new shower today with a new shower head!