American Standard 2461.002.011 Cambridge Soaking Bathtub Review

These days, it has become challenging to pick the best product in the market, no matter what you are trying to buy. This is especially true when it comes to household items in which you need to observe extra care before choosing.

In this article, we will discuss purchasing a bathtub and focus on one product—the American Standard 2461.002.011 Cambridge Soaking Bathtub. Is it worth your money?

Our featured product is one of the greatest options you may have if you want to enjoy a traditional tub. It likewise comes with numerous benefits that you might love.


  • It comes with StanSure for its surface
  • It is ADA compliant
  • It comes with Americast construction
  • It comes in a traditional style
  • It is slip resistant
  • It has a large space
  • It has a slanting headrest and lumbar support
  • It has a seat at its head end
  • It has a porcelain finish


  • It works better than cast iron bathtubs, which are among the common types of tubs.
  • It uses an Americast construction, which is sturdier and lighter than cast iron
  • It comes with a set of instructions that makes it easier for you to understand how it works.
  • It comes with a glossy porcelain finish, which makes it more physically attractive.
  • The installation is easy and the unit is affordable
  • It is designed for safety use; it particularly has the capacity to protect its users against slipping
  • It is a flatter, deeper, and more spacious tub
  • Its surface does not easily get damaged
  • It does well in retaining heat
  • It can accommodate tall people given its length
  • It fits the needs of those who want to relax in their tub
  • It comes with a good construction
  • It is a high-quality product


  • It may be prone to some remodeling issues or challenges
  • While the grippy areas are part of its safety design, they could get dirty faster than other parts; hence we’ll consider this a minor disadvantage
  • There may be some minor challenges with the product’s instructions
  • There may be some minor measurement challenges


As you have read, this product has numerous benefits. With its traditional design and good construction, you can experience a bath in a conventional unit while feeling secure and safe due to its anti-slip features.

The American Standard 2461.002.011 Cambridge Soaking Bathtub is a quality product. Alongside its quality is a reasonable price that fits customers’ budgets. It is sturdy and can retain heat well, and it has the capacity to accommodate people of various sizes.

Take note, however, that it comes with disadvantages too. While it is just normal for a product to have some negatives, you need to make sure that those found in your potential item are tolerable. In the case of our featured product, its advantages outweigh the disadvantages that are easy to deal with.


The American Standard 2461.002.011 Cambridge Soaking Bathtub makes a difference these days when the market has become full of low-quality products.

Looking at its upsides and downsides, we can say that it can give you your money’s worth. Just make sure it fits your personal preferences, and you’ll enjoy having this product.

How to choose the best bathtub

Needless to say, having a bathtub at home provides a sense of comfort and relaxation. It is a luxurious alternative to the shower you’re using for bathing. However, keep in mind that a bathtub is an investment as well. It requires careful thinking from consumers like you.

Here are some tips when choosing a bathtub:

Carefully check the materials used

You may have your own preferences when it comes to the materials. However, you should also consider those that might be of better quality. Educate yourself on the various bathtub materials to be able to pick the best choice.

Look through the features offered

Do you want a simple tub or one that could give you a therapeutic feeling when you use it? If you opt for the latter, you will need one that comes with various features.

Compare your prospective items

Usually when you shop, you will have a number of prospective items from which you will make your final decision. You will want to compare the features of each product and compare them with other available options.

Decide which options are best for you, and which you can do without. Read online product reviews, and comments generated by previous purchasers to learn their experience and what they think of the product. After doing all of this, you should have a better idea of which product will best suit your needs and budget.

Set a budget

As much as possible, do not exceed your budget. Only buy what you can afford and what you truly need. There may be some cases when you will need to spend a little more, but make sure the item is worth it.

Consider the needs of each user

Are you buying a tub for your grandparents? If so, a walk-in tub is a good option. From the name itself, this type allows the users to just walk into the tub instead of climbing over its edge. It is best for elderly people and those with limited physical abilities.